Why RoomTime

Fast, Easy Setup

Spend your time running your facility, not setting up scheduling software.

With our free trial, you can sign up, create a room, and start booking in under 5 minutes. No lengthy set up with pages of arcane configuration options, so you can hit the ground running.

Minimal Staff Training

Let's face it, when you're running a facility you and your staff have better things to do than reading manuals trying to figure out how to use your booking software.

Our clean, modern interface allows users to get going quickly. We've concentrated on what really matters, so you can concentrate on your organization.

The University paid over $30K for a scheduling software that is way too intense and too hard to set up. It was implemented but never used. We bought RoomTime because we had to get this done.

Derek, College Administrator

We needed to transition a group of people who were hand writing everything, so it had to be easy to train. Now our staff use RoomTime.

Nathan, Senior Media Technology Coordinator

Resource Scheduling

Other tools do ok when booking people in a meeting, but they fall over when you're trying to manage resource requests and bookings. In RoomTime, resources are built in from the start, letting you manage your entire inventory, track availability, and get usage reports.

Improved Sharing of Data

Information is key!

Your staff and external client groups need to know when and where events are happening, and what rooms & resources are available. With RoomTime, all your scheduling information is in the cloud, readily available to those who need it.

We use RoomTime to see what times, equipment and rooms are available in order to place training into classrooms.

Maya, Training Development Center Coordinator

Because we share rooms with companies not on our Exchange server, we use RoomTime.

Bill, City Administrator


Making decisions around equipment purchases and opening hours requires having a handle on what's going on.

RoomTime's reports let you see at a glance your room & resource usage stats.

Get the data you need to manage your costs.


With flexible packages, get the features you need at a price you can afford.

Sign up and check out how everything works, risk free and without a credit card! You can setup your organization completely, with every feature of RoomTime available to you. Once you're set up, choose a pricing plan based on your needs.

Without the reports from RoomTime I would never get my budget approved.

Nathan, Senior Media Technology Coordinator

RoomTime it is reliable and affordable.

Randy, Office of Instructional Technology, State University