Silvertip Software Re-launches RoomTime; Opens Door to Free Trial for Participants in Early Adopter Program

This November, Silvertip Software announced the re-launch of RoomTime, a room and resources-scheduling web app. The company is inviting institutions to participate in its Early Adopter Program to test-drive the new cloud-based version of RoomTime.


Vancouver, BC, Canada, November 26, 2013 — Silvertip Software ( today announced it is re-launching its RoomTime software, an affordable and easy-to-use room and venue-scheduling app. The company is inviting institutions and organizations to participate in its Early Adopter Program to test-drive the newest version of RoomTime.

The company anticipates that the new software will be available for public use in 2014.

Participants in the Early Adopter Program will be allowed to use the new RoomTime software free of charge for a period of four months. In exchange for that privilege, participants will provide Silvertip Software with an assessment of the product's features and how they have benefited from them.

RoomTime is the flagship product of Silvertip Software, Inc., a software-development company established in 1996 by Bill Leber. When Leber passed away in 2010, Harvey Tremblay, a prominent BC businessman, took the helm. Tremblay brings his entrepreneurial expertise and strong business leadership to the firm.

RoomTime is a cloud-based room-scheduling and venue-management software platform. The affordable and easy-to-use app is currently employed by institutions throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, and Great Britain. Educational and community-based facilities such as hospitals, community centers, churches, theatres, and auditoriums are among those who are managing hundreds of bookings every day with RoomTime.

RoomTime benefits facility managers by delivering fast and timely room- and resource-usage reports. It is equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly calendar interface, and flexible room set-up and configuration options.

End users and people who carry out administrative and booking tasks rely on RoomTime’s efficiency. "This is a lifesaver in terms of physical paperwork,” says Will P., a staffer at Saint Edward State Park. Nathan, Senior Media Technology Coordinator at a large US college, states that the software delivers “good stats for the boss,” and that their improved management of resources has been like “night and day” since using RoomTime. Large universities express satisfaction with the software’s reliability and affordability and use it every day.

Concurrent with the re-launch of RoomTime, Silvertip Software is inviting companies to participate in its Early Adopter Program. Educational institutions, community facilities, business organizations, and other groups interested in participating should visit to sign up. The company advises that only a limited number of organizations will be accepted for the program.



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