Why RoomTime is Better Than Google Calendar or Outlook for Scheduling

2 December, 2013

Are you trying to schedule events on a calendar that others need to see? Free tools such as Google Calendar or Outlook may handle the basics, but as soon as you need something to deal with complexities or would like more detailed reporting, other solutions are better suited.

What if you need to...

  • Add resources such as chairs, smart boards, podiums, and A/V equipment to your events?
  • Track resource availability based on location?
  • Track resource quantities in stock? (Limited resources may be already booked for your time slot.)
  • Report on room and resource usage for management who all need to know which rooms and equipment are available?
  • Coordinate room schedules for an entire facility—for example, lots of rooms, in many buildings, across multiple locations?

You get the idea — you need something more robust!

Today’s businesses have grown from simple physical structures to large complexes in several locations sprawling over acres. Given this growth, booking and scheduling facilities can pose a gigantic task for your staff. In fact, booking a single building with several rooms is already a big job.

In these situations, solutions such as Google Calendar, Outlook, or even spreadsheets may not suffice. Your staff will simply not be able to keep up with the constant updating and scheduling necessary. A software app specially developed to provide you immediate and up-to-date information on the usage of your facilities and resources can save you time and money. One such software, already in use in many countries, is RoomTime.

RoomTime is a cloud-based room-scheduling and venue-management software that delivers fast and timely room- and resource-usage reports. It is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly calendar interface and flexible room set-up and configuration options. This enables managers and booking staff to schedule room and resource bookings for different client groups. It also allows clients to see which rooms are still open for booking.

RoomTime is currently being used in institutions throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, and Great Britain. Educational institutions and community-based facilities such as hospitals, community centers, churches, theatres, and auditoriums are heavy users of the software, because it helps their facilities staff manage hundreds of bookings every day.

For all of its benefits, RoomTime requires no installation or lengthy configuration, and is easy to learn. New clients are also delighted to discover that this software is very affordable. A frequent comment from facilities managers is that RoomTime is a “lifesaver in terms of physical paperwork.”

The best way to gauge the potential effectiveness of RoomTime for your organization is to experience it firsthand. That is why we would like to let you use RoomTime for a free, no-risk trial.

You can start experiencing the benefits of RoomTime today!