Throwback Thursday - Feb 6, 2014

6 February, 2014

Last week we were contacted by an organization in Australia using RoomTime since 1997. NINETEEN NINETY SEVEN!!!

1997: Princess Diana was still alive, Hong Kong was still under British rule, and Tony Blair was the newly elected PM of Britain. George Clooney was Batman, Harrison Ford was the US President in Air Force One, Matt Damon was Good Will Hunting, and Leonardo Di Caprio went down with the Titanic. Elton John’s Candle in the Wind was the top song, and the Backstreet Boys were … well … boys.

The phrase Y2K was only just beginning to enter popular culture, and the Dancing Baby was one of the first videos to go viral on the internet.

And in 1997 on the outskirts of Canberra Australia at Kippax Uniting Church, a desktop version of RoomTime was put in place. Seventeen years later, the software is still running. Erin Miller uses RoomTime to manage Kippax’s room schedules and decided to give the new version a try. She says “the new RoomTime has some great features and is easy to use. The layout is clean and the site is easy to navigate”.

The look of the new RoomTime interface may have changed, but you can rely on it just like the old days!